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As The University of Alabama competes for students, funding, and donations, the strength of our marketing communications is increasingly important. One of the basic components of a strong institutional marketing communications effort is a unified graphic identity.

The University of Alabama wordmark carries dual responsibilities: It must stand as the sum of the institution's many parts - the authentic, recognizable essence of this university - while simultaneously symbolizing our potential. For the many people who already know and love UA, the wordmark must ring true. For audiences now in cultivation and to be approached in the future, the mark must dispel myths, spark interest, and remain in each viewer's awareness, uniquely and accurately.

These principles have shaped the creation of this visual identity guide. By complying with its specifications, you help project a clear, unifying image for the University as a whole. The visual identity program also highlights each college or division of the University, without sacrificing the unit's individuality. The guidelines in this manual enable us to implement the visual identity in a range of vehicles, thus enhancing all of our University communications. Please support the program by applying these guidelines consistently.

If you need assistance with your project, information on working with the Design/Production group is available, including rates, policies, best practices, and more: